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   At Easy Acres Lawn Care, we do our part in ensuring that your lawn gets the very best care and attention.  In disease prevention, this means we provide complete and balanced lawn feedings in the correct amounts for that particular time of year.  Too much or too little fertilizer can sometimes magnify the effects of lawn diseases.  We also do our part to keep customers informed of what they can do to keep disease outbreaks to a minimum by avoiding incorrect mowing and watering practices, as well as by overseeding
with the newer disease resistant grass varieties. 
   Still, mother nature many times has her way and lawns experience periodic outbreaks of fungal diseases such as "red thread", "dollar spot", and the"rust" disease that many notice in the fall when their shoes turn orange after walking in the lawn.  Unlike many other lawn services we do not always recommend a course of treatment for these outbreaks. While unsightly, many of these diseases are environmentally caused (usually during prolonged wet periods), and will clear up as the weather changes.  The truth is a full spectrum chemical disease management program is cost prohibitive for many home lawns and is usually used only on turf with high revenues attached such as golf courses and high-end athletic fields.
   That being said, we are prepared to meet the needs of the discriminating client who wants the best appearance for their lawn at all times.  We can design a preventive lawn disease program for you based on the specific needs of your particular lawn.
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