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 1) Contrary to the scare tactics employed by some lawn care companies, there is no certainty that your lawn will have a grub or insect damage problem this year.
 2)  Those who have ever had a major grub or other damaging insect problem in their lawn never want it to happen again.
                                WHAT EXACTLY ARE WHITE GRUBS?                                                                
    White grubs are the larval stage of various beetles such as Japanese beetle and June beetles.  While in the larval stage they can do major damage to lawns by eating the grass roots, actually killing the grass plant.  As adult beetles, they become a nuisance in the landscape by eating and skeletonizing favorite plants such as roses.  In the fall, grubs in the lawn also attract various wild animals such as skunks and raccoons.  These animals do alot of damage to the lawn as they dig looking for a meal. 

                                           WHAT IS THE INSECT DAMAGE OUTLOOK FOR 2006?
                                 Unfortunately, 2005 was a devastating year for many central Ohio lawns.  While the overall
                                 white grub population was spotty due to the summer drought, damage caused by surface
                                 feeders such as Bluegrass Billbug and Chinch Bugs was extremely severe.  In many cases
                                 entire lawns were wiped out.  Alot of insect damage was masked by the severe heat and drought conditions and only became apparent when the lawn did not recover even after abundant rainfall.  In many cases the damage was not noticed until after the effective treatment window had passed (especially for Bluegrass Billbug).  Also in many cases, homeowners (and even some lawn companies) never did accurately diagnose the problem as was evident by the numerous sprinklers running on dead lawns and by renovated lawns that were not first treated to get rid of the insects.   All of this means that grubs and lawn damaging insects are once again poised to do major damage to lawns in 2006 if the conditions are right and preventive steps are not taken!!
We believe that the best approach is to take a preventive course of action, and this year we are beefing  up our insect control program due to the increased potential for damage.  We are taking advantage of new products that are showing improved results against both grubs and surface insects.  Our grub
application will control the grub larvae while they are still in the very small stages of development.  By doing this we can eliminate the damage done by these larvae as well as use much more environmentally friendly products.  The active ingredient will also control other major pests such as Bluegrass Billbug and Chinch Bug thereby eliminating damage done by them.  An added benefit for pet owners is that the application will also rid your yard of any fleas and ticks present at the time of treatment.
      If you do not select a "preventive" application and have insect damage, we can sometimes make a "curative" application to eliminate the pest (depending on what stage they are in when discovered).  However, this will not address the damage already done, the narrow treatment window for covering all three pests will be missed, and the overall cost may be greater.

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