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                                             Due to modern construction methods, much of the native fertile topsoil has been
                                        removed or buried during the homebuilding process.  As a result, grass is forced to
                                        grow in subsoils that are more compact, higher in clay, and less likely to sustain a
                                        healthy lawn.  In addition, everyday activities such as playing, mowing, and even
                                        rain or watering your grass add to the compaction and stress on your lawn.
                                        Also, most home lawns are subject to thatch accumulation.  Left unchecked, a
                                        layer of thatch thicker than 1/2inch impedes water, fertilizer, and pesticide effectiveness.
                                        Studies have shown that up to 90% of a grub control treatment can get stuck in a
                                        heavy thatch layer, never getting down to the target pest.  This results in wasted
                                        money as well as a frustrating and possibly costly experience when the grubs are not
                                        controlled.  The thatch layer itself provides an inviting home for many lawn damaging
                                        insects.  Studies have also shown that during a hot dry summer, a typical Bluegrass lawn
                                        may lose 50% of it's root system from heat and lack of moisture.
                                         WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CORE-AERATE MY LAWN?
                                             A specially designed machine called an aerator will be used on your lawn to 
                                         mechanically pull small plugs or "cores" and deposit them on the lawn surface. The
process relieves the compaction in your soil and opens up new air spaces for water, air, and nutrients to reach
the grass root system.  As the cores naturally break down with mowing and irrigation, the resulting microbial action further breaks down the thatch layer in your lawn.  We can also OVERSEED   with a premium grass variety at the time of aeration to fill in a thin or spotty lawn.  Over time, you will notice a much improved, thicker, and healthier lawn.  This is truly one of the more beneficial services you can provide for your lawn.
  It is true that every year there are those who perform this service at a lower cost than we do.  Yet we still stay solidly booked due to the value that we bring to our customers.  Easy Acres Lawn Care is a licensed lawn care operation and we are fully insured for every service we perform.  Aeration can be a physically demanding task and the temptation is great to cut corners when you base your service on price alone.  AT EASY ACRES, WE DO NOT CUT CORNERS!  We do the job right and produce the correct amount of soil cores for the service to be effective.  We also own all of our aerating equipment so that we do not have to rely on questionable rental units.  We are still very competitive on price and offer our customers the opportunity to lower their cost even more through our "refer a friend" program.
  • Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere.
  • Improved soil water uptake.
  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use.
  • Reduced water runoff and puddling.
  • Stronger turfgrass roots.
  • Reduced soil compaction.
  • Enhanced tolerance to heat and drought stress .
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown.
  • Improved performance of grub controls.

   For more information: info@easyacreslawncare.com or Click Here to request an estimate.
                                                           or CALL:  614-714-4777


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