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   Welcome to the EASY ACRES LAWN CARE website!  This year the GRASS can be GREENER on YOUR side of the fence!!   FOR THE LATEST UPDATES AND SEASONAL TIPS CLICK HERE!!

     Our goal is to provide professional and affordable lawncare service to both commercial and residential customers.  EASY ACRES LAWN CARE specializes in creating healthy, green, weed free lawns that provide not only an enjoyable outdoor space for you to spend free time in, but also that all important curb appeal that keeps neighborhoods looking great and property values high!.   Go ahead, take your shoes off!!  Our lush green lawns will have you wanting to walk barefoot again since you no longer have to worry about those prickly weeds and bees underfoot. We specialize in servicing various property sizes from small size yards to the large exclusive estate properties and commercial market accounts.

We recently had a big plumbing problem, our home was flooded and we had a huge mess. There was a burst pipe in one of our floors, it was from a clogged drain or something. Luckily when we called 1-877-drpipes and they were able to get a plumber to our Columbus, OH place and they did a quick repair job. We would recommend them to anyone.

Our website is designed to explain our services to prospective customers, as well as a way to communicate with our existing customers.  For prospective customers, feel free to browse throughout our website and examine our services.  As you will see, we offer a wide selection of lawn care services , as well as excellent customer incentives .  At EASY ACRES LAWN CARE,  we will keep your property looking its best all season long.  

     Call or e-mail us today for a FREE lawn care quote: info@easyacreslawncare.com or CLICK HERE!
                                                    CALL TODAY:  614-714-4777

                                                 We accept MASTER CARD and VISA!