The core of our business is in providing your lawn with a complete Fertilization and Weed Control package that will enhance the overall beauty and functionality of your property.  Our 6 step program is outlined below for you to see.  We can also design a program specifically for your lawn based on the results of a yearly soil test done by a professional lab facility (current cost is approx. $50 for the test).
     Our program combines the very finest in slow release granular fertilizers, the top of the line liquid weed controls, and state licensed applicators with the experience to keep your lawn looking it's best.

Due to the large amount of insect damage seen the last several years on lawns not receiving grub/insect controls, we HIGHLY recommend that you include this treatment in your lawn package.  The saying " I have a lawn care company, I should not have an insect problem" does not apply if you are advised to get the insect control and you do not do so in time.   In 2014 we had no serious insect problems in any of our treated lawns.  In the past, our protected lawns bordered lawns that were wiped out by insect damage.  We guarantee our lawns against grub damage if treatment is applied and properly watered in. In 2015 grub/insect control will once again be part of our complete program for the once yearly charge unless customer specifically opts out of coverage.

  Step 1   Includes the crabgrass pre-emergent treatment.  If
applicable, this may also include a balanced slow release fertilizer application.  We also start our spring Core Aerations at this time.
  Step 2   As the weather continues to warm up, we make a visit to clear out any broadleaf weeds present.  This  application is designed to control both mature weeds and those that have recently emerged .   A balanced slow release fertilizer is also applied.  Also a second Crabgrass pre-emergent application is made to high pressure border areas.
If GRUB CONTROL was included in your package, it will also be applied at this time .
  Step 3   In late  Spring/early summer  your lawn  receives a complete balanced feeding with slow release fertilizer.   The slow release nature of this feeding allows your lawn to continue to safely receive nutrients during hot dry periods.  Weather permitting, we also do a spot treatment of any weeds found. 
  Step 4   Our late Summer slow release feeding provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs to transition from it's Summer dormancy to recovery and renewed vigor in the Fall.  The weather is usually not conducive to good weed control at this time of year but weeds are again spot treated if conditions permit.
  Step 5   In the Fall, we provide a heavier feeding (still slow release) including micro-nutrients at a time when grass is shifting away from heavy top growth and toward root buildup.  Any weeds including Fall germinating weeds are cleared out at this time.  Also,  we will begin performing fall CORE-AERATION service as the rains return to once again soften the ground. .
  Step 6   The final application is also the heaviest feeding of the season.  It is carefully timed to occur around the last mowing.  This feeding is aimed directly at maximizing benefits to the root system.  Benefits include green color later into Fall with no additional mowing needed and a stronger healthier root system.  Stored nutrients also provide a nice early greenup the following Spring.
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